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Full Moon Features is auctioning off movie props, original art, and other rarities!  Twelve items are currently up for auction, including:

-The Puppet Trunk prop used in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
-Screen-used puppets from the Puppet Master and Gingerdead Man series
-Original artwork commissioned for the Empire Pictures-era films Eliminators, TerrorVision, Dolls, and Savage Island
-Original concept artwork for a very early version of Full Moon’s Demonic Toys
-An extremely rare Subspecies replica created by master puppet maker Terry Cruikshank
-Out-of-print Puppet Master 1:1 scale replicas

Bidding ends Thursday, Aug. 7th at noon PST. This is a silent auction that will be conducted via email. Once the winning bidder has been identified, the winning bidder will be contacted for payment.

These items are truly unique and are must-haves for any fan’s collection.  Don’t miss out on the chance to place your bid!

Click here to find out more and place your bid for the auction.

Seth Meyers, the host of the NBC TV talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, held up the cover of the Empire Entertainment biography Empire of the ‘B’s on the 4/9/14 broadcast of the show.  Meyers noticed the similarity between himself and the decapitated head of Re-Animator actor David Gale on the book’s cover.  He vowed to get to the bottom of this resemblance.  To be continued?

Click here to watch the clip of Seth Meyers talking about Empire of the ‘B’s on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Empire of the ‘B’s, the brand new officially authorized history of the legendary cult film studio Empire Pictures, is now for sale!

The first 100 copies of the book will be signed and numbered by Empire Pictures/Full Moon Features founder Charles Band!

The ‘Pulse-pounding’ saga of the Charles Band Empire…

Charles Robert Band is one of the last great B-movie survivors–a genuine pioneer who, over four decades, forged such a unique path through the no man’s land of independent genre cinema that many thought him more than capable of seizing legendary producer Roger Corman’s long-held crown as ‘King of the B-movies’. The 1970s through to the late 1980s was the last great ‘golden age’ for the B-movie community, and with a non-stop series of grindhouse classics like Laserblast, Parasite, Re-Animator and Dolls for his own company Empire Pictures, it was the era that saw Charles Band take his rightful place in the indie hall of fame as Emperor of the ‘B’s.

FOREWORD by Stuart Gordon

Empire of the ‘B’s written by Dave Jay
377 pages

Click here to purchase the book Empire of the ‘B’s by Dave Jay.

Full Moon presents Delirium Magazine!

A Brand New, Bi-Monthly, FULL COLOR Cult, Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy PRINT Magazine that scours true tales from the legendary Full Moon archives…and beyond.

January 7th, 2014 - For over four delirious decades, filmmaker Charles Band has steadily pumped out a dizzying wealth of some of cinema’s weirdest and wildest horror, fantasy and exploitation genre movies with his iconic labels “Empire Pictures” and “Full Moon Features.” Along the way he has nurtured and enabled such talents as Stuart Gordon, Barbara Crampton, David Schmoeller, Demi Moore, Michael Pataki, Helen Hunt, Viggo Mortensen, Christopher Lee, Tim Thomerson, John Carl Buechler, Don Mancini, Timothy Van Patton, Jeffrey Combs, Michael Moriarty, Andrew Prine, Klaus Kinski, Sherilyn Fenn and hundreds upon hundreds of others in films as beloved as TOURIST TRAP, RE-ANIMATOR, GHOULIES, DOLLS, FROM BEYOND, PARASITE, PUPPETMASTER, SUBSPECIES, HEAD OF THE FAMILY and THE GINGERDEAD MAN. Many of these pictures are considered bona fide classics and some even cited as landmark dark fantasy entertainments, but all are fascinating works of bizarre pop art, each one a story with dozens of sub-stories to be told.

But to tell them all would require space to do so.

Band’s universe, and the storied alumni that reside within, is so dense with history, you could make a magazine and never run out of material.

So…that’s exactly what we did.

Announcing “Full Moon presents DELIRIUM,” a breathless, bold, bloody, beautiful, brainy and ballistic bi-monthly 21-gun-pulp-fiction-salute print periodical dedicated to exploring and celebrating the uninhibited joy of making outrageous movies while high-fiving the fevered audiences who just can’t seem to get enough of that far-out stuff…

Published by Band, produced by the Full Moon Features team and edited by filmmaker, film journalist and FANGORIA Magazine EIC Chris Alexander, DELIRIUM is a passionate work of lurid wonder, jam-packed with exclusive interviews, bizarre stories, garish photos from Band’s expansive and foreboding vaults (many of which have never, ever, EVER been seen before), posters, retrospectives, special FX make-up secrets, laughs, shocks, thrills and chills. DELIRIUM aims to chart indie horror and fantasy’s secret history using the Empire/Full Moon/Band legacy as the foundation but then careening madly into unexpected directions.

“I couldn’t be more excited about DELIRIUM,” says Full Moon founder and President Charles Band.

“2014 is going to be an exciting year for us here at Full Moon and the birth of DELIRIUM magazine is a big part of that. The wealth of material we have at our fingertips, the hundreds of films we’ve produced, the rare stills, rarer interviews and support of our celebrated creative alumni will serve as the backbone for what we hope will become a thrilling new addition to the cult film magazine universe.”

The limited edition ISSUE #1 features a cover story on Band’s immortal, 1985 Stuart Gordon directed masterpiece RE-ANIMATOR, featuring massive new interviews with Gordon, Barbara Crampton, composer Richard Band, actress Carolyn Purdy-Gordon and many others and is jammed with gory, gorgeous photos, including a crazy cool centerfold poster! Elsewhere in DELIRIUM #1 you’ll find an exclusive chat with actress Celeste Yarnall on her signature role in 1971’s THE VELVET VAMPIRE, an ongoing column called “Bring Me the Head of Stuart Gordon,” an in-depth examination of the 1979 shocker TOURIST TRAP plus a peek at the brand new indie horror films from the rebirthed WIZARD Studios line and so much more!

DELIRIUM will be published 6 times a year and WILL NOT BE SOLD ON NEWSSTANDS.

The only way you can get your clammy mitts on this exciting new magazine is to SUBSCRIBE today at  Individual issues will be available to order online, as well.  Or come pick up a copy in person at the Full Moon booth at one of the near 200 fan conventions we’ll be appearing at nationwide!

DELIRIUM: The Only Film Magazine Made By Filmmakers!

Find us online:

The long-lost Trancers movie, Trancers: City of Lost Angels, is finally available on DVD!

Produced in 1988 as part of Empire Pictures' unreleased Pulse Pounders film, this unseen sequel reunites Trancers stars Tim Thomerson and Helen Hunt as they take on a deadly time-traveling villain.

The Trancers: City of Lost Angels official DVD release includes the following special features:

-A special intro video with Trancers star Tim Thomerson and producer/director Charles Band
-A mini-documentary recorded at the premiere of the movie at the 2013 Flashback Weekend convention in Chicago, IL
-A 60-second Preview of the unreleased PULSE POUNDERS DUNGEONMASTER SEQUEL!
-The Pulse Pounders Show West Promo featuring footage from all three Pulse Pounders segments

Trancers: City of Lost Angels is a must-own for fans of Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, or action-packed sci-fi movies.  Pick it up now!

Click here to order the new Trancers: City of Lost Angels DVD from Full Moon Features’ online store.

On Sunday, we caught up with even more former Full Moon and Empire Pictures actors at the Monster-Mania Convention!  Pictured here from left to right are Diane Franklin (TerrorVision, Better Off Dead, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), Full Moon Features and Empire Pictures founder and CEO Charles Band, Robin Sydney (The Gingerdead Man, Evil Bong, Wicked Lake), and Kane Hodder (Prison, Friday The 13th 7-10, Hatchet 1-3).

At the end of the day on Saturday, we caught up with some actors at the Monster-Mania Convention who have appeared in some classic Full Moon and Empire Pictures films.  Pictured from left to right here are Carel Struycken (Oblivion 1&2, The Addams Family [1991], Addams Family Values, Men In Black), Felix Silla (The Dungeonmaster, “The Addams Family” [1965], “Battlestar Galactica” [1978]), and Robin Sydney (Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong, Skullheads, Wicked Lake, “Masters of Horror”).

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